Job Overview

  • We are looking for an experienced, passionate, and creative Social Media Executive to join our team, who can enhance our brand and build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. The Social Media Executive will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between consumers and the company. The successful candidate will also be required to collect and review social media data to develop more effective campaigns. He will be working closely with Sales departments.

Job Description

  • Requirements & Skills:- 4+ years of experience as a Social Media Specialist or similar role Social Media Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and other social media best practices Understanding of SEO and web traffic metrics Experience with doing audience and buyer persona research Good understanding of social media KPIs Familiarity with web design, WordPress, PHP forms and publishing Excellent multitasking skills Critical thinker and problem-solving skills Team player Good time-management skills Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills

Job Position

  • Social Media Executive

Duties & Responsibilities :

  • 1) Create, copywrite and design social media post to ensure content is informative and appealing.
  • 2) Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy.
  • 3) Define most important social media KPIs.
  • 4) Manage and oversee social media content.
  • 5) Measure the success of every social media campaign.
  • 6) Stay up to date with latest social media best practices and technologies.
  • 7) Stay up to date with our competitors trend & strategy.
  • 8) Should be well versed using social media marketing tools.
  • 9) Content management (including website).
  • 10) SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic.
  • 11) Cultivation of leads and sales.
  • 12) Collaborate with Sales and Product Development teams.
  • 13) Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization.
  • 14) Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network.
  • 15) Provide constructive feedback.
  • 16)Stay well versed & Adhere to all social media platform rules and regulations.
  • 17) Present SMM reports to Senior Management

Experience :

  • a) 4+ years of experience as a Social Media Specialist or similar role.
  • b) Prior experience as a copywriter for financial product.
  • c) Prior experience as a content creation for financial product.

Qualification :

  • 1) Master’s degree in marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing or related field.
  • 2) Internship completed is preferred.