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Job Description

  • We are looking for an experienced and dedicated Account Executive to join our team. This person should possess outstanding sales experience, honed customer service skill and a passion for technology, new systems, and innovative business solutions in a variety of settings and inceptions. We value executives who are passionate about growing our existing accounts while proactively pursuing new accounts and identifying roadblocks and obstacles to increasing business. The ideal candidate will be innovative enough to suggest tailored solutions to common account problems.

Job Position


Duties & Responsibilities :

  • 1) Collect and analyse the accounting data.
  • 2) Maintain financial records and Monthly salary calculation.
  • 3) Analyse financial statements and prepare profit and loss accounts.
  • 4) Protect the company’s financial information.
  • 5) Manage the company’s financial accounts and compile accounting reports.
  • 6) Prepare the taxes statements and file them on time.
  • 7) Dedication to growing the business and facilitating smoother connections between our clients and our internal executives is a must.
  • 8) Generation of sales invoice monthly.
  • 9) Calculation of monthly expenses and payment clearance of vendor.
  • 10) Communicate with previous clients to request payment and arrange payment plans.
  • 11) Handling Dally Cash Expenses and Update records In Sheet.
  • 12) Monthly Sale, Purchase and Banking Updated In tally.
  • 13) Handling TDS return. And handling NEFT and RTGS, Offline Cheques, Transaction and Online Banking.
  • 14) MIS of Account Payable. And calculation of monthly pay out for freelancer.
  • 15) Handling online banking portal.

Experience :

  • 1. Excellent mathematical and arithmetic skills
  • 2. Advanced MS Excel skills
  • 3. Good knowledge of budgeting principles
  • 4. Excellent analytical abilities
  • 5. Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • 6. Understanding of finance-related laws
  • 7. Basic understanding of tax reporting
  • 8. Good organizational skills
  • 9. Excellent communication skills

Qualification :

  • a. Minimum education required is Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Field.
  • b. Post-graduation in Commerce field is preferred.
  • c. Work experience of minimum 6 Months to 1 Year in Accounts.
  • d. Internship completed is preferred.
  • e. The candidate should also be well versed in various types of accounting practices. The candidate should also be familiar with accounting software like Tally ERP.