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Job Description

  • We are searching for an engaged BDO to boost sales by reaching out to current and possible clients. To this end, the BDO will be required to obtain lists of individuals' information of the target audience. You should also jot down important notes during conversations to facilitate follow-ups by our staff.

    To be successful as a BDO, you should be able to convince even the toughest of individuals to purchase our offerings. A remarkable BDO will suggest ways in which clients' feedback can be utilized to improve our services.

Job Position

  • Business Development Officer (BDO) Credit Card

Duties & Responsibilities :

  • 1) Call on customer data on daily basis on behalf of bank.
  • 2) Answering phones and explaining the product and services offered by the company.
  • 3) Obtaining and updating lists of individuals' contact details.
  • 4) Calling active and budding clients to encourage the purchase of items.
  • 5) Noting important details of each conversation.
  • 6) Communicating verbal acceptances of offers to our sales team for closing.
  • 7) Recording all successful and unsuccessful attempts to close sales.
  • 8) Attending regular team meetings to clarify progress and performance-related expectations.
  • 9) Receive customer for credit card requirement and do login with the regards of the given bank.
  • 10) Receive require documents of customer.
  • 11) Sign the agreement with the customer.

Qualification :

  • 1) High school diploma or equivalent.
  • 2) Prior experience as a BDO or similar.
  • 3) Completion of a sales-related training program is preferred.
  • 4) Superb verbal communication.
  • 5) Ability to switch your communication style on a whim.
  • 6) Superb interpersonal, research, and record-keeping skills.
  • 7) Capacity to receive critique without internalizing it.