*Before completing this application, we would like to inform you that Citi has entered into an agreement with Axis Bank for the sale of its consumer banking businesses in India. The sale is conditional upon receipt of necessary regulatory approvals including the approval of the Competition Commission of India.

On consummation of the sale subject to receipt of regulatory approvals, your banking relationship with Citi will be migrated to Axis Bank. Accordingly, Citi hereby seeks your consent for: (a) the transfer of this product being applied for and also on any other product (which requires consent for transfer) that you currently hold or may hold with Citi; (b) the transfer and disclosure of all your data and information provided to and available with Citi and (c) transfer of your tax documents/declaration provided to and available with Citi to Axis Bank (as permitted by applicable regulations), in each case in connection with the consummation of the aforesaid sale and use thereof by Axis Bank for continued offering of banking services, including for the purpose of any KYC related compliance.

When you consent to transfer the relationship, there will be no immediate impact on this product being applied for or on the existing products that you may hold with Citi, be it credit cards, loans, deposits, investments, or any others and the same will transfer to Axis Bank on the same terms and conditions.

If you provide consent to transfer the relationship, your consent will come into effect on and from the date on which the credit card is issued by Citi.

*For more details and FAQs, please visit: https://citi.asia/consenttnc.